Attend this free comprehensive workshop to learn the important considerations of successful Special Needs Planning.  Part of the workshop will be interactive to allow attendees to discuss particular problems, concerns and situations.

This workshop will cover the challenges of estate planning for parents of children with special needs, including:

* what estate planning documents you need in order to achieve your goals and objectives;

* how to leave funds for the benefit of your special needs child without causing the child to lose important public benefits;

* how to make sure your other children are not over-burdened with caring for your child with special needs;

* how to fairly distribute your estate to provide for your child with special needs and your other children;

* how to make sure there is enough money to provide for your child with special needs;

* special needs trusts (SNTs), how they work, how to select appropriate trustees, proper funding, and the importance of SNTs in protecting eligibility for public benefits.

Each attendee will receive a workbook to assist in gathering the information needed to develop a comprehensive plan of action.  NOTE:  Attendance at this Boot Camp does not create an attorney/client relationship and is offered for general educational purposes only.

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